Dedicated to refinement of every single pipe
Obtained 46 patents on pipe production techniques
The short casting process (blast furnace + electric stove)

SUNS Foundry Industry is the national demonstration base of the short casting process  technique (blast furnace + electric stove), the only enterprise in china who uses directly the blast furnace molten iron to cast pipes. Compared with other companies in this industry, it saved 147kilos coke for every one ton pipes. In this way, it’s lower cost, less carbon emission, more efficient and environmental friendly.
Tempering and tempering with electric stove
Through medium-frequency electric stove and spectrum analysis, it ensures casting temperature deviation within the range of ±10℃ and the various elements such as such as C, Si, P, S, & Mn, kept within ±0.02%, thus guarantees the tensile strength of fittings≥200Mpa. (Chemical composition determines mechanical properties)
Multi-station centrifugal machine (self-developed patented product)
Featuring preset process system and precise control of centrifugal force, which ensures every single pipe made of smooth and tidy appearance and inner organization of cast compact .
Automatic cutting machine (self-developed patented product)
Automatic cutting machine can effectively eliminating defects such as burrs, ledges, and chill etc., which ensures installation quality.
Multi-station internal wall buffing machine
Internal walls of all pipes are ground to eliminate surface slag which guarantees smooth internal walls and smooth drainage.
Shot blasting
The process of shot blasting thoroughly cleaning the coating on the surface of the pipes to expose the nature of the iron, increases adhesive force of the paint, prevents penetration of corrosives and prolongs its service life.
Water pressure test 10000-1=0
All the pipes of SUNS must be passed through water pressure test by 100% and fully exhausted by hydraulic press machine, which ensures the inner wall of the cast pipe fully contacted with water, water test pressure≥0.35Mpa, pipes without water leakage.
Automatic Coating Line
Automatic coating ensures uniform thickness and good adhesion, which guarantees excellent anti-corrosive performance. SUNS also provides other various products coated with asphalt, epoxy and electrostatic powder coatings.
SUNS has sufficient inventory of standard ISO6594, GB/T12772, EN877, ASTM-A888, KSD4307, products to guarantee timely delivery.
To make building drainage system smoother
To make city life better