Dedicated to refinement of every single fitting
Producing more than 2000 types of fittings
The short casting process (blast furnace + electric stove)
SUNS Foundry Industry is the national demonstration base of the short casting process  technique (blast furnace + electric stove), the only enterprise in china who uses directly the blast furnace molten iron to cast pipes. Compared with other companies in this industry, it saved 147kilos coke for every one ton pipes. In this way, it’s lower cost, less carbon emission, more efficient and environmental friendly.
Tempering and tempering with electric stove
Through medium-frequency electric stove and spectrum analysis, it ensures casting temperature deviation within the range of ±10℃ and the various elements such as such as C, Si, P, S, & Mn, kept within ±0.02%, thus guarantees the tensile strength of fittings≥150Mpa. (Chemical composition determines mechanical properties)
Core-making with pre-coated sand
SUNS possesses 100 professional core-making machines which can produce 20,000pcs cores every day. Fine surface of core makes the inner wall smooth without burrs which guarantees smoother drainage.
Mechanized vertical molding line
Molding line adopts advanced mechanical-hand core-making technique which allows high efficiency production. Intelligent memory function could achieve the automatic optimization according to different fittings during the casting process which ensures the percent of pass and the optimal casting effect for every single fitting. Molding, core setting, casting and shake-out are all integrated into one system, which enables us to produce 240 boxes of fittings per hour, and 30,000 pieces of DN38-DN300 fittings per day.
Shot blasting
It adopts continuous shot blasting through mesh belt to remove impurities on internal and external surfaces of pipe fittings, in order to expose the nature of the iron, improve adhesiveness of the coating, prevent the corrosion and prolong its service life.
Internal and external walls of fittings are thoroughly polished with 3 different kinds of polishing tools. Bolt holes on A-type and B-type flanges are made precisely with the discrepancy of hole size no greater than 0.5mm.
Employing automatic coating technique, SUNS is capable of providing products with asphalt, epoxy and electrostatic powder coatings according to different demands form domestic and foreign customers.
Sufficient inventory of ISO6594, GB/T12772, EN877,ASTM-A888 products to guarantee timely delivery.
To make building drainage system smoother
To make city life better